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Doing this also alerts the Decepticons, who attack Bumblebee once again. I don't even remember the story at all but the cover did catch my attention- that I remember. You could always ask him. Caleb, I should be clear.

Transformers: The Game Walkthrough: Autobots - The Last Stand - Unfriendly Skies

I already know that other titles have a long tradition of using fill-in stories. The question I'm having is more "was this pre-prepared just in case, or was it written only after Marvel knew they'd need a fill-in? If the latter, it could have done more to be a part of ongoing continuity, without relying on a few editorial tweaks. The story told is that originally this issue was going to be a fill-in by Peter David very early in his comics career which would also have featured Bumblebee for what it's worth many years later David recalled writing the story and assumed it was printed at the time.

So my guess is that this story is a very late in the day fill-in and there wasn't much time for editorial to sort out which Decepticon was hanging out with which leader. The Marvel editorial policy of the time was to have some fill-ins on standby and was very firm at making sure the books shipped on time which didn't leave a lot of time for the finer points of continuity. Jim Owsley, briefly the TF editor, has recalled almost locking writers and artists in the office with him for the night to get emergency fill-ins done. There's a Spider-Man issue from around this time that creates similar problems because it muddled up the two Hobgoblins.

Plight of the Bumblebee! It is the first comic not written by Bob Budiansky since he started his run, with Len Kaminski taking the reins. Graham Nolan and Tom Morgan provided pencils and inks, respectively. As always, Nel Yomtov colored the artwork, and newcomer Bill Oakley did the lettering. If you're thinking that this is pretty much a completely new creative staff Yomtov aside , you're right.

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As a consequence, this will feel like a bit of a filler issue. Providing a bit of continuity, Herb Trimpe provided the cover. And it's a very strong cover at that. Bumblebee is pelted by weapon's fire from five Decepticons, with bullets ripping through his body. Some humans cower behind him, though his body doesn't provide much protection. Bumblebee emerged as an early star of the Marvel Transformers comic, featuring heavily in issues 1, 11 and 14, so to see him menaced like this is fairly powerful.

Note that a very similar cover will be revisited in the near future for G. The book itself doesn't quite live up to the promise of the cover. It's hard for me to put my finger on why. I think it's the disconnect in the writing style. The opening splash page is quite nice - a wireframe outline of Bumblebee, clearly using the toy as reference, with a computerized datafile full of information about him. That said, it adds to the disconnected feeling, having such a different artistic style, even if only for one page. Oakley's lettering is very nice, looking suitably computerish.

I wouldn't be surprised if he used a typewriter or a word processor for those parts of the text.

We then cut to Shockwave and cons, which oddly include Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, who just last issue were a part of Megatron's crew. Another oddity is that there are only two seekers present, Starscream and either Thundercracker or Skywarp.

“Prime’s Rib”

With Yomtov's coloring, I can't tell them apart. Further obfuscating things, the missing seeker's line in the issue is "Ah, fresh data! Shockwave's plan is to use an Electro-Calcinator module to take controle of Bumblebee's body.

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I love his panel, though I think Oakley could have gone a bit bigger on that last phrase. And so the Decepticons prepare to wait for the right moment.


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