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It's playful, she emphasizes, and a lot of fun.

Cameron knew from an early age that she was an artist, and never considered any other vocation -- not even teaching. But about 20 years ago, she says, when she was living in New York's West Village, she discovered that teaching was indeed her next step. You know something is coming, but you haven't nailed it -- or it hasn't told you its name yet. Then I heard this voice, an internal voice telling me that I was to teach others how to unblock.


The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart

But "The Artist's Way" didn't come for 10 or 15 more years. I aimed the book at him -- since you are never going to meet your common reader, you might as well write for your ideal reader. But the men who have been significant in my life have been muse figures for me, too. Marty called me into the movies because I wanted to play with him. Mark called 'The Artist's Way' out.

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I called to his artist, he called to the educator part of me, and we shared. Nevertheless, being married to Scorsese was a setback to her career. So I went from being a well-known East Coast writer to being Mrs. I had editors say, 'If you want to work again, divorce him. But even after the divorce, when her novel was being considered by "a certain large publishing house, a young woman said, 'This woman used to be married to Martin Scorsese, and evidently she learned something about dialogue through her association with the film business. Now Cameron's life is a balancing act.

I want to teach, but I cannot teach if I don't have a full heart. And I don't have a full heart unless I'm doing my own art. When I'm not making things I don't have anything to teach. But when I don't teach, I miss it. Julia Cameron's Artists's Way has been embraced by many thousands of people and in connecting creativity to spirituality it has uncovered the potential of millions of people.

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In The Vein of Gold Julia Cameron uses her experience and world-renowned techniques as a creativity coach to challenge her readers to go deeper within themselves and to uncover wider horizons. Cameron draws from her remarkable teaching experience to help readers reach out into ever-broadening creative horizons.

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The Vein of Gold features inspiring essays on the creative process and more than imaginative, engaging, and energizing tasks that involve the reader in the "inner play", leading to authentic growth, renewal, and healing. In The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart, Julia Cameron again draws from her extensive artistic and teaching experience to steer readers towards ever-widening creative horizons. This extraordinary book of learning through doing features inspiring teachings on the creative process and more than one hundred imaginative, involving and energising tasks.

Each task engages readers in 'inner play', leading to authentic growth, renewal and healing.

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The Vein of Gold assures readers that creativity can be a spiritual path and a means of personal growth. Julia Cameron takes readers on 'a journey to the heart of creativity' through seven kingdoms: The Kingdom of Story, where language animates our guiding self-image. The Kingdom of Sight, where we honour our most personal feelings. The Kingdom of Sound, where we tune in to the melodic flow of creative life.

The Kingdom of Relationship, where we sharpen the skills to choose companions. The Kingdom of Attitude, where we cast off negativity. The Kingdom of Spirituality, where we strengthen contact with the higher realms to discover unsuspected inner resources. The Kingdom of Possibility, where we inhabit our creative life vision.

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Whether you are already actively pursuing a creative enterprise or are just beginning to nurture your own creativity, this powerful book provides the innovative and practical tools for mining the vein of gold within you. Added to basket. The Secret Daily Teachings.

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